Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beauty essencials No.1!

If i could only get back all my money i spend on products i don't like... But, oh well, at least i can help you all and recommend products that are really worth the money. These are my beauty essentials, and i wouldn't trade them for anything else. I really really recommend trying these!!

Honestly, i couldn't live without this face wash. It helped me to get rid of my acne. It's the best thing in the hole wide world!
I've tried so many different face creams and lotions, but finally i found the one. It is Olay beauty fluid moisturizer.
My favourite face wipes is from GARNIER.
Best body lotion! Makes your skin so soft, and it is great even for sensitive skin.
My favourite self - tanner. This never leaves you looking orange. The colour is so natural looking, and the smell is pretty good.
I've tire so many foundations before i found this one, and now i wouldn't trade it for anything. It's so blendable and natural looking!!
I really like the matte finish this powder gives me.
I strongly recommend this blush. It will suit any skin type since it has multiply colours in it.
This makes even the thinest lashes too look thick.
I really like Chanel eyeshadow quads. You can with these four colours to get the best result.
It is the cheapest and at the same time the best eyeliner i've ever had. Try it!
I recommend this especially if you live in colder weather climate.


  1. Great post! I'm going to try some of these

  2. I second the L'oreal face wash, foundation and Dove self tanner, I really love his products. Especially the face wash. :)

  3. great post ! i have the loreal product for face it's perfect !


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