Friday, June 24, 2011

No money for shopping therapy?!

We all know about the benefits of shopping therapy, but what if you don't have money for it? What if sales are not coming soon? NO WORRIES!!!

I have a great tip for you.. organize your closet! How it's going to help? Well, first of all, we always complain about having nothing to wear, but honestly, if it is true, when why there is no free space in the closet? We simply forget about the old clothes that we own and organizing your closet may help you to find an old peace that was forgotten. You know how fun it is to find a dress that you wore to your first date? Or a shirt that was your favourite two years ago? I bet you will find something that you will excited about, and guess what is the best part? YOU ALREADY OWN IT! Yup, no spending. Isn't it the same shopping therapy just way cheaper? And as a bonus, after all this fun, your closet will be organized, so there will be two things done at once. Have fun!
 Pictures from Suzanne Rogers' closet.

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  1. Ok, if my closet looked like that, I'd definitely be fine with no shopping! Especially if my shoe closet was like THAT. :)


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