Friday, June 24, 2011

Show some love to your hands!

You know what makes a women look great? Beautiful nails! Personally i always do a manicure by myself. It's so easy, and it's quite fun actually. So i would like to give you some tips from my own experience how to pamper you hands.
  1. Never use a metal nail file. It will damage your nails. For example a use a glass one. It is a bit more expensive but it's one of the best things i spend my money on. It made my nails soooo much stronger, you wouldn't believe it!
  2. Switch your nail polishes. If you are using a bright color this week, use a lighter one next week. It will help to prevent your nails from getting yellow. 
  3. Use a polish remover without acetone. Yup, these removers are not so strong and it takes more time to get the nail polishes off, but acetone damages your nails, so it is better to spend more time than have a weak nails.
  4. Invest in good quality nail polishes. It is very tempting to buy a lot of cheap polishes, but believe me, it is not worth it! Better save some money and buy a really good one. They tend to last much longer, and high quality polishes has a lot of different vitamins in it, so painting your nails will treat them as well.
  5. Apply thin coats. It is better to apply a couple of thin coats that one thick, because if you apply a thick coat it tend to peel off easily so your manicure won't last long.
  6. Always use a topcoat. Ok, i have to be honest, i don't always use a basecoat, but i always use a topcoat. After i started doing that i realized that my nail polish last much longer, and it doesn't chip off.
So i hope these tips will be helpful! Good luck


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have admit I think I break all of them except apply thin coats. That's it... I'm throwing the metal file away, getting new nail polish remover and new quality polishes and using a top coat. I don't know how well I will alternate colors of polishes though---- I am always drawn to such bright colors!

  2. Thnaks for your tips, son interesting! And thanks for commenting on my blog, we´re now in touch ;)


  3. These are all useful tips!:)
    hope you can visit my blog too

  4. Merci pour les conseils! (heureusement j'ai réussi à traduire ^^)
    Bisous ;)

  5. ha, i love this! i need to give my nails better lovin'!


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